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Mike Posk

Movement Specialist

Mike Posk

I have been passionate about health and fitness for 30+ years! My first natural bodybuilding competition was in 1989 when I was 17 years old. I spent most of my career in corporate America as an Engineer. I finally got back to my passion, helping people become more healthy, confident, and happy through a balanced training approach. I have worked with all ages 7 to 70, teams, individuals; you name it!

I am a blackbelt in Krav Maga, a form of hand-to-hand combat. I can, and do enjoy, working this experience into training for my clients. It is a great way to engage a total body, high-intensity interval training, and fun too!

I have had my share of success and failure and learned from all of it. Let me share what I have learned; it can change your life.

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