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Youth Boxing Lessons


$75/mo. family discount available


12 Weeks

About the Program

Our youth boxing programs students gain strength, agility, quickness, endurance, power and speed. The benefits of youth boxing help students maintain physical fitness, manage weight, help with weight loss, and improve physical health and well-being. Our program starts with the basics of boxing. Boxing is an individual sport where students don’t have to worry about another student’s skill level. Students can train at their own intensity level. Students learn fundamentals such as stance, basic punches, defense and balance, core training, skipping and improved conditioning.

Once we get to know the pupil, we will customize drills to improve their skills.

Youth Boxing Team

Upon completion of the 3-Phase Boxing Program, young boxers can try out for the AMC Boxing Fight Team. AMC Fight Team members become a registered USA Boxing Member and compete as a fighter. NO pressure or rush. Young boxers start in the gym and choose their own path!

Your Instructor

Robert Clark, Romey Alaniz

Robert Clark, Romey Alaniz
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